Ousmane Sembene, father of Senegalese and African cinema, shooting in Senegal, circa 1964.

18- African Films

Towards a Black Consciousness

Find a list of African Film festivals, here.

International (Canada) Access to more than 100 African Festivals all over the world
Film Freeway


African Film Festival (New York)

Festival Cinema Africano

Festival de Cine Africano

Musiques Metisses

Africa in Motion
Afrika Eye

Galway African Film Festival

The Netherlands
Africa in the Picture

Africa Festival 
Filme aus Afrika

La Noire de... (film) © 1965 Ousmane Sembene (Senegal)


The New York Times is an independent, liberal source of American and International news, with excellent articles and film reviews. This is a good review about a Film festival of Senegal movies.


The Film Society of Lincoln Center is "devoted to supporting the art and elevating the craft of cinema". Part of teh world-renowned arts complex Lincoln Center, this nonprofit organization was founded in 1969 to celebrate American and international film, including Film Comment, the U.S.'s premier magazine about films. Find details about the annual festivals, including the New York African Film Festival, here.


Small online resources, in general about specific issues and themes: African Women in Cinema.

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